European Antarcticans are people of European descent currently residing or born in Antarctica, who indentify themselves as white

Antarcticans of European descent are moslty of British, Norwegian, French, Australian, New Zealander, Argentine, and Chilean.

White Antarcticans number up to 3,174 persons, are are represented in every part of the continent, they are the majority in every Antarctic territory.

The Antarctic territory with the largest White Antarctican population of European descent descent both numercially and proportionally is Australian Antarctic Territory at approxoimately 1,000 (99% of the population)

Current populationsEdit

Adelie Land: 80

Argentine Antarctica: 300

Australian Antarctic Territory: 1,000

British Antarctic Territory: 250

Chilean Antarctic Territory: 150

Queen Maud Land: 44

Ross Dependency: 1,370

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